Design awards

It’s been a while since we posted – have been really busy on some projects in the studio.   We have also been busy with nominations for some great design awards.  This week we have the Accenture Digital Media Awards in Dublin, where we are nominated in the Best Design / Art Direction category, up against some huge competition like Eir, Ebow and Rothco.  It’s a black tie gala with a neon theme so we changed our logo to fit with the theme in the run-up to the event. Just have to find some neon for our outfits now…

Next month we have the PromaxBDA Europe Awards, which is “Europe’s premier celebration of entertainment marketing and design”, for which our studio launch is nominated for the Rocket Award.  The awards are on in Barcelona and there is an amazing conference scheduled the day before the awards, with talks from Seb Lester, Nile Rodgers and other really cool peeps.

A couple of days ago we were honoured to have an interview with Stephen from Think Business, one of our favourite business websites, about where we are at in our business and how we got there.  Have a read of it here.


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February 17, 2016
at 11:03 am

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