Hendrick’s Gin’s Chambers of the Curious

We were one of the lucky few who got to experience Hendrick’s Gin’s Chambers of the Curious at the weekend – and what an experience.  The house on Henrietta Street was full of flickering candlelight, technicians in white coats, and Victorian-era oddities.  The cocktail menu was amazing – each one from a different Dublin pub and served by its creator (my favourite was David Soares’ H’Aloe Hendricks at The Exchequer Dublin 2).  Between the two of us we got to taste them all, along with some lovely, simple G&Ts.

There were a couple of musicians in the lounge playing saws, waterphones and singing into teapots.  We went in groups to three different “professors” who experimented, exhilarated and confused us in equal measure.  The carriage ride back into town was in very high spirits, naturally. A highly recommended experience and quite unlike anything else. Have your own gin experience here.

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November 30, 2015
at 3:22 pm

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